About Us

Hello! My name is Chris Trenschel and I'm the founder and operator of the Handlebar Shaving Company.

I got fed up one day when I went to replace my Gillette blades and found that they were going to cost almost $30. Convinced that shaving, something that all men do, shouldn't be so damn expensive I set out looking for a better way.

It turns out that lots of other people felt exactly the same. I found a wealth of information on-line about wet shaving and double edge safety razors. I quickly got addicted and over the years my collection grew to unhealthy levels.

I decided to use my passion for shaving and shaving products to develop a business that would cater to other enthusiasts. My first step was to create an affordable well balanced high quality razor that beginners and old pros would appreciate. And thus, The Handlebar Shaving Company was born.

Our focus at Handlebar is to offer top quality wet shave products at affordable prices. We guarantee we can provide the best shave of your life without breaking the bank.

Thanks for shopping with us and don't hesitate to get in touch with any comments or questions!

The contact form is here or you can email me at chris@handlebarshavingcompany.com.