The "Walrus" Wide Grip Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor

$ 32.95 $ 48.99

  • Throw those flimsy plastic disposable razors away. It's time to meet the Walrus. Weighing in at over a third of a pound this stainless steel beast of a razor puts other shavers to shame.
  • The Walrus is a heavy well balanced double edge safety razor and features a high quality stainless steel handle with a satin finish and a chrome plated Zinc Alloy head. This three piece razor is guaranteed not to rust!
  • Milled 3 5/8" long and 3/4" wide no-slip handle, even with wet hands, for a precise and confident shave. The handle's weight (5.3 oz) is double most other safety razors so you can let this razor do all the work for an effortless shave.
  • Weighing in at 6.3 oz, the Walrus double edge razor is designed to sit firmly in your hand.
  • Includes 5 free stainless steel blades to get you started right away!

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